ARRA Stimulus Projects

On February 17, 2009, President Obama signed The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) into law. Although the act touches many areas of interest, such as health care and education, it also provides a unique opportunity for local governments to improve public infrastructure and begin taking steps towards a more cost-efficient, sustainable, and responsible way of doing business. The ARRA places a high importance on the following initiatives:

  • Increase the use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency; decrease our dependency on foreign oil and non-sustainable fossil fuels.
  • Rehabilitate the nation’s transportation infrastructure, repairing roads and bridges, encouraging active transportation, and invest in mass transit systems;
  • Provide unprecedented levels of transparency, oversight, and accountability in the use of taxpayer’s funds. 


In the spirit of offering our citizens the best services while taking advantage of as many grant programs as possible, the City of Moore will pro-actively seek ARRA funding for any projects that may positively benefit our residents. This web page will allow our residents to track what funds we receive, and the progress of the projects. Each project will be listed individually, and the project status will be updated regularly. For more information about the ARRA, please visit or For questions regarding the City of Moore ARRA projects, please contact the Community Development Department at 405-793-505

Keep track of how we are doing. As grants are awarded to the City of Moore, the amount will go up!

Current Total: $2,036,354.40

Transportation Projects

Janeway Avenue/NW 27th Street Resurfacing

Project Description: Resurface Janeway Avenue from NW 12th Street to NW 27th Street, resurface NW 27th Street from Santa Fe Avenue to Janeway Avenue. Add Alternate: Resurface NW 12th Street from Janeway Avenue to Santa Fe Avenue. Handicap ramps are included. Estimated Cost: $522,083.39 Project Status: Complete


Bryant Avenue Resurfacing

Project Description: Resurface Bryant Avenue from SE 4th Street to NE 27th Street. Resurfacing of SE 34th Street from Bryant Avenue to Sunnylane are add-alternates. Estimated Cost: $930,071.01 Project Status:Complete *Note: The Telephone Road Reconstruction project, which was listed previously,has been removed from the ARRA funding due to time constraints. The City may program this project as a federal aid project in the future.


Project Description: This is a newly announced grant opportunity from the Federal DOT. The City of Moore intends to apply for funding to be used to construct the S. 34th Street Overpass. It is anticipated that if this overpass is constructed, the traffic congestion experienced on S. 19th Street will be greatly reduced. The overpass will also provide an important link from the southwest side of Moore to the southeast side of Moore, as well as providing strategic economic development opportunities along the I-35 corridor. Very few details are known yet about the grant application, but City Staff is monitoring its status regularly. Estimated Cost: $20.228 million. Project Status: Grant Request Denied. The City of Moore received notice that this project was not selected for funding.

State of Oklahoma Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG)

Project Description: Under advisement of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and the Federal Department of Energy, the City of Moore revised the grant application to include only compressed natural gas (CNG) sanitation truck purchase and an update to the City's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy (EECS). This grant was awarded in September of 2010. Estimated Cost: $130,000.00 Project Status: Completed

Federal Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant

Project Description: The City of Moore is an Entitlement Community for the Federal EECBG Program. This means that the City has a certain amount allocated to us, and we do not have to compete against other communities for the funds. Because of the large amount of grant monies available to us in this program, the City applied for funding for6 separate activities: 1. Municipal Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy. The City of Moore contracted with CH Guernsey to prepare the EECS. The City has changed the status from "final" to active. A portion of the funds will be used for administration purposes. Funds Expended as of December 31, 2010: $47,585.03

2. Energy Efficiency Retrofits to the Moore Community Center. The City of Moore contracted Yarborough and Sons to replace 8 HVAC rooftop-units at the Moore Community Center. The HVAC units were installed in December 2010. Project Complete, Final Cost$140,838.

3. Energy Efficiency Retrofits to the Moore Library. The City of Moore contracted with Trane to install a new chiller unit at the Moore Public Library. The chiller was installed on September 15, 2010. Project Complete, Final Cost: $91,340.

4. City-Wide Energy Efficiency Retrofits with a CFL light-bulb giveaway. The City of Moore has contracted with Lighting, Inc for $10,000 to purchase Energy Star CFL light -bulbs for giveaway to citizens. Project On-going. Final Cost $10,000.

5. Energy Efficiency Retrofits to the Recycle Moore Center. The City of Moore has contracted with Apollo Building Systems for approximately $138,000 for Energy Efficiency Retrofits and upgrades to an existing building on-site. Work is expected to begin in Spring of 2011. Project Complete. Final Cost $138,000.

6. Public Education and Outreach for the Recycle Moore Center. City of Moore hired 1 part-time employee to assist developing the Recycle Moore Center and encourage the public to recycle. Existing pole sign at 400 N. Telephone Road has been re-purposed with a brand new Recycle Moore sign. In November 2010 the Moore City Council awarded a bid to Trifecta Communications for the purpose of developing public education and outreach material.Project On-going.


Estimated Cost: $454,200.00

Obligated Funds: $454,200.00

Expended Funds: $428,394.77

  City of Moore Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy (EECS).

5 For the Future

5 For The Future

5 for the Future is our slogan for five important projects approved by the voters in 2006 in an $18 million bond issue referendum

S.W. 19th & Telephone Road

Project Description: Widen SW 19th Street to 6 lanes from I-35 Service Road to Telephone Road. Project includes reconstruction the 19th and Telephone intersection to add turn lanes, enhance the drainage in the area, and include sidewalks.

Project Status: Completed