Happy Feet Classes

Happy Feet Classes are half-hour long sessions that include structured soccer activities with a ball and other fun props. Happy Feet classes continually use its kid friendly curriculum that is both age and skill level appropriate.
These classes incorporate classic nursery rhymes, songs and children's games adapted to incorporate a soccer ball and basic motor skills development. Fun songs and games stress basic motor skills and introductory soccer touches.
As kids get older and their skill level improves kids will begin learning to skillfully perform  some  of the most difficult moves in soccer and work extensively  on striking  the ball to score. Happy Feet classes are non-competitive and use fun techniques to train advanced motor skills, dynamic dribbling, shooting skills and fitness. additionally, any child who wishes to continue their soccer education will be invited to play for a team coached by their local Happy Feet Certified Coach. These teams will play in recreational and competitive leagues and all players will be placed on teams based on their overall skill and commitment level.

Every Tuesday starting:  May 6th 
4 weeks - $34 - May 6th - May 27th 
8 weeks - $60 - May 6th - June 24th 
2-3 yrs old 10:30 am
4-5 yrs old 11:00 am
each age and time are separate classes
Location at Buck Thomas Park
5 person minimum per age per class
Go to www.cityofmoore.com/fun to register.