Cleveland County Health Department

Community Health Improvement

In 2010, Cleveland County began a strategic planning process using the Mobilizing for Action Through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) model. The goal of this process was to formally assess the health status of the county in a comprehensive way, and solidify a formal approach for community health improvement efforts.

The products of the assessment phase of this process are outlined in the following documents:
Cleveland County Community Health Status Assessment Summary (PDF, 155KB)
Cleveland County Forces of Change Summary (PDF, 92KB)
Cleveland County Themes & Strengths Summary (PDF, 334KB)
Local Public Health Performance Measures Survey Results Summary (PDF, 483KB)
Community Health improvement Plan 1-Year Summary Presentation (PDF, 168KB)
Community Health Improvement Plan 1-Year Progress Brief (PDF, 74KB)
Once the assessment phase was complete, organizers used the data to select priority areas for health improvement: Obesity Reduction, Tobacco Use Prevention, and Children’s Health.  The Cleveland County Health Improvement Plan (PDF, 1.7MB) is the culmination of that work, and provides the foundation for planning, implementation, and evaluation of strategies to reach our objectives. Workgroups for each priority area meet regularly. Community participation in these workgroups is welcome.

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