Economic Quick Facts

On behalf of the City Council and the citizens of Moore, thank you for your interest in our community. 

While our national economy faced a headwind the last few years, our situation relative to the state and other cities economies was quite good. Given this, our biggest single task at City Hall is to execute our plan. Our plan begins with recognition; we must recognize that we are in difficult times. Second, we must continue to deliver high quality services to our citizens. Lastly, we must continue to innovate and create an economy and quality of life second to none in the metro area.

The City of Moore employs nearly 310 people. Each is committed to delivering great city services. We have an exceptionally strong management team and City Council. They perform everyday and deliver results. Our success is a tribute to the hard work of all of our employees, our management team and the Moore City Council.

When we look back at the challenges our community has faced in recent years we are proud of Moore, our growth and our ability to face adversity and to meet every challenge.