Subscribe and Stay Informed

E-alert is a free email and digital subscription service that allows the public to subscribe to topics of interest and receive instant, automated email notification whenever the city posts new information on its website. The city also has the opportunity to send e-newsletters and relevant information to specific groups. Moore residents can sign up to receive updates on topics of interest such as news releases, neighborhood news, recreation programs, Police and Fire updates and other timely information.

Subscribers can ask for emails to be consolidated into daily or weekly digests. Emails will go out only when substantive content changes and people can unsubscribe at any time.

The city has partnered with GovDelivery, Inc., to offer this service. There is no charge to use the service, and people can subscribe to as many or as few topics as they wish.

E-alert represents the latest effort by the city to enhance communication with residents and businesses.  In addition to improved communications, the system helps reduce costs related to printing and postage, and reduces the use of paper.  To get started, click here.