Learn more about all the services and resources the City of Moore provides for it's citizens.

Animal Welfare

The Moore Animal Control Division is responsible for promoting public health and safety, for temporarily sheltering and providing humane disposition of unwanted or lost animals, and for promoting animal welfare so that pet ownership is a pleasure for owners without becoming a burden to the community.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  
Saturday - 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Closed on Holidays


The City of Moore operates two cemeteries:

Smith Cemetery located at 34th and Telephone Rd. 

Moore Cemetery located on 4th Street west of Telephone Rd. 

The cemeteries are both over 100 years old, some of the grave sites dating back to the 1800’s with a few birth dates dating back to the 1700’s.

Community Development

The mission of the Community Development Department is to plan and guide the orderly growth and development of the City, to enforce compliance with applicable legislation in order to meet the quality of life, health, and safety needs of the community, and to deliver to its customers courteous, efficient, and competent services. The Community Development Department is made of the following separate but related divisions:

Economic Development

City of Moore

The Economic Development Department provides liaison between economic enterprises and the City government in Moore.

One of the major responsibilities of this department is to attract new business to Moore, which in turn provides jobs for our residents, increases the tax base of the City, and in general makes Moore a great place to live and shop.

Emergency Management

Our Emergency Management Department works to mitigate, plan and prepare for, respond to, and recover from the various emergencies and disasters that affect our City. We utilize an all-hazards approach, focusing on the various emergency functions that need performed in time of trouble. Our work includes:

Environmental Services

The City of Moore's Environmental Services Unit is dedicated to improving the environment by offering safe ways to dispose of hazardous waste, convenient options for recycling, and educating the public on the effects of wrongful disposal of liquids into our city sewer system. These values are important in promoting a healthy environment for all residents and visitors alike. 


The City's Finance department oversees the operating budget, annual audit process, investment of idle cash, and a variety of daily transactions.

Moore Fire Department

The Moore Fire Department was established in 1916 and currently serves the citizens of Moore with 4 strategically located stations overseeing 22 square miles. The MFD employees 72 fire service professionals and has grown with the construction of 3 new/relocated stations and administrative offices in 2011.

The Moore Fire Department is committed to providing the highest level of public safety service to our community. We protect lives and property with fire suppression, emergency medical services, disaster management and public fire prevention education.

Human Resources

The City of Moore Human Resources serves the employees of Moore.  Risk Management is a division of the HR Department.

The City offers positions in these categories :

Municipal Court

The Moore Municipal Court is located in the Public Safety Center at 101 E. Main St.  Hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday.  

Office of City Attorney

The head of the Legal Department is the City Attorney.The Attorney advises the City Council and all City officials in the performance of their duties. He represents the City in litigation in which the City is a party, and prepares and/or reviews all resolutions, ordinances, and other business of the City Council. The City Attorney also prosecutes all cases in the City's Municipal Court.

Parks & Recreation

New Moore Recreation Center

The City of Moore Parks and Recreation Department works to provide quality recreational opportunities for all citizens of Moore. The Department strives to provide safe and eye pleasing areas for recreational purposes, and to coordinate efforts to maximize the use of existing parks.

The City offers a variety of parks and recreational facilities, including a Community Center, a Senior Citizens Center, sports parks, playgrounds and neighborhood parks. We also sponsor and organize many events and activities.

Moore Police Department

The Moore Police Department provides law enforcement services to residents and visitors to the City of Moore in an effort to create a safe community by protecting life, preserving liberty and keeping the peace. The 89 commissioned  officers and 5 civilian employees of the Department are committed to this mission and maintain utmost vigilance and professionalism in the protection of the City. 

The department moved into the new Public Safety Center at the corner of Main St.  & Broadway Ave.  (117 East Main St.) in April of 2014.

Emergencies please call 911. 

Public Utilities

The City of Moore has 230 miles of water line, 34 active water wells, 5 water towers, one ground storage pump station, 2,000 fire hydrants, and two new water booster stations.

Public Works

The City of Moore Public Works Department has 48 employees who manage the residential sanitation, animal welfare, streets maintenance, fleet maintenance, and facilities maintenance departments. 

Department                                           Address                                 Phone

Utility Customer Service

The City of Moore is making it easier to make your utility payment. We have several options for you to pay your bill.

Online- Click on the Online Payment section on the right side of the homepage.

Automatic Withdraw - Check the back of your utility bill for the Auto Draft from for your checking account or credit card. Just fill it out, attach a check and drop it off.

Or download the form by clicking here.